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A Value Far Beyond Price

Many waste management companies will compete and market mainly on the basis of price, however we realise that there is more value we can bring to your business, than just the cost of our services.

“Value” is one of the most over-used terms in the commercial world today. “Value pricing” often actually means low price or cheap offers, however as Warren Buffett once said: “Price is what you pay and value is what you get.”


As a socially responsible business, ISL are dedicated to not just competing on price but also to adding value to your business and preserving the environment we live in. For example, our recent partnership with Clements Coffee saw the company reducing their waste costs by 300%, but more importantly we helped them greatly streamline their processes, resulting in time savings and the team achieved zero waste to landfill status within three weeks. We added value.

We know we can only realise our zero waste ambitions by fully supporting you in reaching your own business goals. Here are some ways in which we add value and close the recycling loop:

Our Vision

ISL Waste Management’s vision is what sets us apart from the competition. We want to live in a world where there is no waste and where all waste materials are reused, recycled or recovered for energy.

We are always striving to introduce new and ground-breaking solutions to age old waste problems. We want to do things a different way.

Since 2009 and have successfully diverted over 10,000 tonnes of food and organic waste from landfill and this figure is increasing this year on year. The waste is often sent for anaerobic digestion, which produces clean energy in the form of a methane-rich biogas and also a valuable biofertiliser for farmland.

Dedicated to recycling, we work with local organisations, such as Play Resource in Belfast, and give commercial waste a new lease of life in schools and community groups across NI.

We are wholly committed to zero waste, which means we strive to reuse every bit of waste possible and turn the remainder into energy. We have helped companies such as Ikea Belfast, Clements Coffee and Norbev LTD reach zero waste status, while a number of our clients have formally signed up to BITCNI’s zero waste scheme.

isl team

ISL Account Management

  • Dedicated account managers, focussed on making sure your business achieves more, using less.
  • 360 approach to your entire waste chain, means we can remove unnecessary complexity and simplify processes.
  • An online client portal, through which we offer free help and technical support regardless of business size or spend.
  • We ensure that your waste is recycled to the point that we maximise recovery and minimise the residual waste sent for energy recovery
  • Through our 24/7 Northern Ireland wide collections, we collect your waste at a time and from a place that suits you.

Legislation & Compliance

  • ISL clients can be confident that they will remain legally and morally compliant at all times. New NI food waste legislation comes into force this April. We can help and advise.
  • We will keep you up to date with pending legislation and when necessary, notify you if they are likely to impact on your service.
  • We will assist you meet your duty of care. We gather and maintain all essential documents, including insurance certificates, waste management licences and environmental permits.
  • If you are set to be affected by legislation, we will proactively devise the best solution, before it’s needed.

CSR Reporting & Brand Reputation

  • We recognise the importance of being environmentally responsible, when it comes to your brand reputation – so transparency is key to everything we do.
  • We provide essential recording data to clients who need to track their waste from the volume collected, percentage recycled and recovered, to its ultimate disposal.
  • Our data helps businesses meet landfill diversion targets. We suggest areas for improvement and new, innovative ideas and partnerships that can help you achieve zero waste.
  • Our reports will not only help you understand your achievement and benchmark against KPIs but we will also monitor for areas where we could be offering you further help and support.

Let us bring value to your business. Contact us using the form below.