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Recycling Services

Mixed Dry Recycling

Given the constraints of cost, personnel, resources and space we can help you design a recycling system that enables pre-segregated material such as paper, plastics and cans to go into the same collection bin or one where all your pre-nominated recyclables go in the same bag and the residual into another.

We not only collect mixed waste, sort it and recycle but we also source and supply clear bags to you at a discounted rate.


Paper Recycling, Segregation and Confidential Shredding

Segregating your paper really is the best way to ensure it is recycled because if it comes in to contact with liquids it can become contaminated.

If you produce a large amount of paper you can avail of a range of different internal and external receptacles that will help segregate and improve the efficiency of your overall waste service.
For any organisation shredding confidential paper onsite, our Materials Recovery Facility is designed to ensure 100% recycling.

Unlike some providers, we don’t pick and choose what paper products you are allowed to recycle. We are happy to accept ALL forms of paper, including office paper, envelopes, paper hand towels and paper cups.


Cardboard Recycling

We collect all levels of cardboard for recycling and if you generate large enough volumes of cardboard you could be eligible for a rebate.

If you have invested in compacting equipment it is likely you could be producing sufficient quantities to be considered.

We are happy to provide you with expert guidance during any site consultation and give you a quote.


Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling processes are some of the most advanced in the waste sector and they are certainly the most important when it comes to environmental impact.

We sort and recycle more than 14 different types of plastic, including plastic bottles, black plastic trays, clear plastic trays, strapping, car bumpers, computer monitor cases, coat hangers, soft plastics like clear and jazz film (eg carrier bags).

Case Study

ISL Deliver 'Far Superior' Waste Service to Mourne Seafood Bar

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