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GDPR – Shredding and Data Destruction

From 25th May GDPR legislation comes into force and those four letters, could cost you 4% of your global annual turnover

The General Data Protection Regulation legislation places several new requirements on companies in regards to how the data they collect is stored and deleted / destroyed.

Although there has been a shift towards using computers and technology in the workplace, on average, desk-based worker uses around 10,000 sheets of paper per year. Since 40% of data breaches in the UK involve paper records, it is imperative that old records and files are properly dealt with.

Who Benefits from Confidential Shredding?

Confidential Shredding will benefit businesses who produce commercially sensitive material or personal information. It’s not just paper – hard drives, digital media and product prototypes can also be shredded.

As part of the Data Protection Act all businesses have a legal responsibility to safely destroy information that could be used to identify an individual. Companies or individuals that ignore their legal obligation to securely destroy materials risk criminal prosecution, large fines and reputational damage.

What should be shredded?

The following types of materials commonly contain confidential details and should be shredded:

  • Business documents; contracts, legal files, customer details
  • Financial records; invoices, budget reports, statements, audits
  • Product information; specifications, evaluations, test results
  • Employee details; payslips, bank details, home address, appraisals
  • Personal data; medical records, criminal case files, date of birth, email address

How does the Confidential Shredding service work?

ISL’s confidential shredding service is a simple solution to safely and securely manage your business’ confidential waste. Materials can be shredded on-site or off-site. Secure bins or bags are supplied for regular collections; alternatively, a one-off collection of bagged or boxed material can be arranged.

Why choose ISL’s Confidential Shredding Service?

  • Expert advice on dealing with your business’ shredding
  • Safely store, manage and recycle confidential waste
  • Scheduled and Ad-hoc, On and Off site service options
  • Legal compliance
  • Work with one provider to simplify your waste management
  • No hidden fees

Talk to the ISL team about a Confidential Shredding service on +4428 9084 4445

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