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Love Your Waste, Love Your Earth this Valentines Day

love waste valentines dayValentines Day is almost upon us, so as well as showing love to your significant other on 14th February, we are asking that you also show love to your planet and to your waste.

So many holidays and special occasions have a negative effect on our environment, often due to increased packaging waste, greeting cards that aren’t recycled and gifts that are never used. In 2019, it’s time to celebrate in a green fashion saving yourself not only a few pennies but also helping to save the earth.

Green Food & Drink Ideas

Instead of eating out, why not reduce food waste and whip up something special with ingredients you already have in your fridge. This fantastic website lets you find recipes based on what is in your pantry. You could even use some leftover ingredients to make face masks and creams, for a zero waste pamper session!

Valentines Day Zero Waste TreatsInstead of buying expensive chocolates, why not make your own sweet treats? If you want to have special Valentines packaging, why not reuse and decorate a shoebox, or bag. That way you’re reusing instead of wasting and saving £!

After your special meal, make sure to compost your scraps or put them in your organic waste bin. That way they can be given a new lease of life in another way!

Avoid heading out for expensive cocktails, or buying a load of fancy ingredients. Use the fruit, liqueurs and drinks you have at the back of that cabinet and mix your own speciality creations! Check out these recipe ideas.

Do You Really Need Roses?

Instead of giving roses to your loved one this February, what about giving a plant that can be a gorgeous garden or windowsill addition for years after the event?

If you do opt for cut stem flowers, be sure to compost them afterwards. The compost can be used as fertiliser, which is much better than the old flowers ending up in landfill where they emit greenhouse gases.

There are also some great ideas for recycling your Valentine’s Flowers below:

Recycle That Clothing

If you’re buying your loved one a new item of clothing, it would be great if you’d do something with some older items in both your wardrobes. Instead of dumping old clothes, donate them to charity where they can be reused and raise much needed funds for good causes and organisations around the world.

Green Valentines Cards

valentines card homemadeInstead of buying a card from your local supermarket, why not make your own, with items already in your home or business? Whether you buy one or make one, make sure you recycle afterwards.

Another way to minimise environmental impact would be to send an e-card.