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Reducing Office Plastic Waste – ISL Introduces New Water Cooler System

Here at ISL Waste, we are always on the lookout for ways on which we can make our own business more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

We talk a lot about the fact that we provide a consultancy service for clients and a free waste audit, helping local companies streamline their processes, increase recycling rates and reduce the waste they produce.

It’s only right that it all that starts within our own four walls.

Using Eco-friendly water cooler

How We Reduced Water Cooler Plastic Waste

For a while we have been concerned about our water cooler equipment. While we have always recycled the 19 litre bottles used to provide water to our team daily, we identified that it would be preferable to move away from using them and creating plastic waste in the first place.

So earlier this year, we got in touch with local company Hilldown Water Services, who had just the solution.

They have installed a fully plumbed-in cooler system, which now provides a constant supply of chilled, filtered drinking water direct from our own mains water supply. The system is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Even more than that, we are encouraging all of our staff to use reusable bottles and cups, so to further eliminate plastic waste from our workplace.

Water Cooler- Reduce Plastic Waste

Old VS New

Reduce Your Workplace Plastic Waste

Changing your water cooler is just one way you can reduce waste in your workplace. There are many more small steps you can take that will make a big impact on our environment.

With the news that 82% of litter found on Northern Ireland beaches is plastic, isn’t it time that you started doing things differently?

We can help. We work with companies large and small across Northern Ireland, also with schools, hospitals and community groups to advise on how to cut down on waste, boost recycling. We also ensure that 100% of what we collect is diverted from landfill, which means that your waste will NEVER end up on a beach or in a landfill site.

If you’d like any advice on your waste, Telephone: 028 9084 4445 or Email: