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Sunflowerfest 2018: Responsible Recycling & Waste Management to Aid ‘One Earth’ Theme

ISL Waste Management are proud to announce that we will be waste partners for this year’s Sunflowerfest Music Festival in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland.

Sunflowerfest 2018

We handle waste for a large number of Northern Ireland’s leading companies. From retail chains and shopping centres to manufacturing businesses, factories, hotels and more. We guarantee all our clients that NONE of the waste we collect from their premises ends up in landfill. We have invested heavily in recycling and energy recovery and aim to make one organisation’s waste a resource to others, wherever possible.

Sunflowerfest ‘One Earth’

In 2018, Sunflowerfest will have a ‘One Earth‘ theme and as well as fantastic entertainment and an amazing lineup, organisers are also hoping to help attendees improve their environmental awareness and take action!

Our part in this is to ensure that 100% of the rubbish and waste we collect will be diverted from landfill. We will also be taking steps to encourage ticket holders to recycle and be responsible wherever possible.

Some steps that we are asking patrons to take include:

  • Reduce consumption by buying a good quality tent, that can be removed from the site and reused in the future.
  • Refill your water bottle from the free taps on site. Do not buy single-use plastic bottles. Refill…NOT Landfill!
  • Use the correct bins! There will be separate receptacles for food waste (which will be composted or sent for anaerobic digestion) and recyclable waste such as tins and plastic.
  • Attend one of the talks on sustainability. You never know what you’ll learn!
  • Buy your £2 reusable cup from any vendor and use this over the weekend, instead of heaps of disposables.

Speaking about the festival’s goals this year, organiser Michael Magowan said:

“We’re all on this planet together; regardless of boundaries and borders. So let’s all pull together.

There is only a finite amount of resource for everyone on our One Earth. So let’s take stock, learn to harness and use it sensibly. Let’s share it fairly and use it sustainably. Let’s improve our chances of preserving and improving our existence on our planet.”