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Plastic Waste in our Oceans – 9 Shocking Facts

Plastic waste is the scourge of the oceans. It is affecting marine life, our environment and our health. Yet not enough is being done to alleviate the problem.

It has already been predicted that if we do not take serious action, soon, there will be more plastic in our ocean than fish within 30 years.

There is still time for us to turn things around. To fix the problem and to change behaviours. But we have got to start now!

Be part of the change. Watch and share our video. Read our article and spread the word.

Plastic Waste – Behaviour Change

We must firstly reduce our reliance on plastic. The average person consumes 167 plastic bottles of water a year. Plastic bags, cigarette butts and food / drink containers are the most frequent items found in oceans and beaches.


Moving to reusable containers, refilling our water bottles, buying fruit and vegetables that are not wrapped in plastic will all make a dramatic difference to our environment.

Start with the small things. Buy loose produce instead of pre-packed. Bring your own cup to the coffee shop. Change the little things first, while looking for bigger and different adaptations to make as you go.

Encourage staff and customers to think more about their plastic use. Provide reusable cups, or free water filling stations. Move away from single use products in the office or workplace.

Restaurants, provide condiments and sauces in large recyclable containers, not hard to recycle sachets and packets.

Shops, provide more plastic free options. Loose vegetables, non shrink wrapped products are just a few examples.

Recycling More

Businesses and individuals could be doing so much more to ensure all their plastic waste is being correctly recycled.

Too often we visit new clients to find out they are disposing of their company’s waste in a general bin. Not separating and segmenting and so not recycling all they can. This often leads to overflowing bins (which in turns leads to messy streets and rubbish seeping into rivers an oceans) and increased landfill rates.

It’s important to recycle not just the obvious items (plastic bottles, newspapers etc), but other items of rubbish too. Micro plastics in clothes and textiles can have a big impact on our oceans. Better to donate to charity than to dispose of in your waste bin. Electronic items take centuries to break down and may never fully biodegrade. These should also be donated to a charity or business who can reuse parts and repurpose the phones, laptops, kitchen appliances etc.

Northern Ireland – We Can Help

We are Northern Ireland’s only zero waste to landfill waste management company. ALL of the waste we collect is recycled, donated or used for green energy.

We work with businesses across NI not only to collect their waste, but also to provide free audits and inform on how the waste can first be reduced and then disposed of forecast effectively and responsibly.

To book in for your FREE waste audit, contact our team through the form.