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Our Northern Ireland Waste, Environment & Recycling Christmas Heroes

ISL Making Waste WonderfulChristmas is a time for giving back and recognising the stars among us. So we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the businesses and organisations in Northern who are doing amazing things for our environment.

Northern Ireland Waste Warriors

Whether it’s achieving zero waste to landfill status, improving their recycling scheme, offering reusable options to customers or arranging local beach cleans and litter picks, each one of these local waste warriors has been doing their bit to make our world a better place.

Bloc Blinds

Bloc Blinds are one of our newer clients and we have had some exciting times working with them in 2018. The company were keen to move to ISL as their waste management provider, due to our focus on recycling and waste reduction.  Committed to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint, the Bloc Blinds team have made impressive changes to their systems, including the reduction of waste at source, the introduction of source segregation of main waste streams and the buying of additional balers, which has converted cardboard from being a cost to a revenue earner.

Andras House Hotel Group

Andras House, one of Northern Ireland’s leading hospitality companies recently informed us that they were doing a huge clear out of office furniture from Holiday Inn Hotel on Hope St.

The management team were keen to ensure that none of the items ended up in landfill, but were having problems coordinating charities who could take everything.

We have since liaised between the Group and local organisation, Habitat for Humanity who are delighted to step in and collect the furniture for their Restores across NI.

Each year, in the United Kingdom, we dump approximately 1.6m tonnes of furniture and bulky waste, most of which ends up in landfill or burnt in an incinerator.

Donating and re-using this furniture saves valuable resources, creates employment benefits and provides affordable items for people in our local communities.

Musgrave NI

We are proud to reveal that our client Musgrave has become the first Irish business to sign up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is one of the first companies to embed the goals into their sustainability strategy. We are working closely with the Musgrave team to help reduce waste at source, better segregate waste and improve recycling rates.

Clements Coffee Shops

A local chain of coffee shops, with branches across the Belfast area, this responsible business has achieved zero waste to landfill status. That means that all the waste they produce is recycled, reused or used to create green energy!

Mindful Store NI

Mindful Store NI is a very new addition to the Northern Ireland marketplace.

Mindful Store NI stocks a variety of ‘plastic free’ and ‘minimal waste’ products, which can be purchased either online or via one of their pop up shops. Hoping to be trading from fixed physical premises by 2019, the Mindful team will also be holding ‘zero waste’ and recycling workshops, aimed at the local community.

Charlie Hamilton Cooper

Charlie Hamilton Cooper is only six year’s old but he’s achieving amazing things! Having conducted almost 50 beach cleans this year with his parents, the young boy has done so much to raise awareness of plastic pollution and the scourge of plastic on our oceans.

We work with Charlie to make sure that NONE of the waste he collects ever goes to landfill. In fact we gave him his own ISL bin!

Ciena Belfast

In 2014 over 10million tonnes of textile waste was sent to landfill. Recognising this environmental challenge and aiming to also support local a local charity at the same time, Ciena Belfast took action. This month their staff have donated more than £1,500 worth of preloved clothes to Northern Ireland Hospice, to be sold in their shops across NI.

Diageo – Irish Bonding (Marshalls Road)

Another ISL client, the production in this subsidiary of Diageo plc, formerly known as Guinness, has increased substantially over the last few years. However in the first 11 months of this year (2018) the company have reduced waste generated by 30%, compared to the same time period in 2016. Reducing waste generated is first priority for ISL and the most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place. Reducing waste at source is the most reliable way to conserve natural resources, protect the environment and save money.

Work With Us

If you’d like to talk to us about your waste, about a waste reduction project or an environmental issue, we are all ears. Send us your details here and let’s start the discussion.