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Waste Management Emissions in Northern Ireland Decrease by 64%

Waste Management emissions have decreased by more than sixty percent in Northern Ireland, it has been confirmed this morning.

Waste Management landfill site

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs have released their latest carbon intensity indicators and revealed that while the population is increasing, our waste to landfill is causing less environmental issues than before.

The Department reported that waste management emissions have decreased by 64%, despite an increase of 17% in the Northern Ireland population. The drop is attributed to the introduction of methane capture and oxidation systems at landfill sites and also the reduction in waste being sent to landfill and an increase in recycling rates.

Other findings include a drop in greenhouse gas emissions of 28%, while the ratio of total greenhouse gas emissions to gross value added (GVA) in Northern Ireland decreased 57%.

There was little change in the level of road emissions however, with a reduction of only 1%. However there has been a marked increase in the number of motor vehicles on our roads, so the drop has been attributed to improvements in average fuel efficiency of vehicles.


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