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Mallusk Athletic F.C: New football jerseys made from recycled plastic bottles!

ISL Waste Management is committed to supporting local charities and sporting clubs and we love it when we can bring an environmental twist to the relationship.

Mallusk FC Recycled Jerseys

Our latest partnership is with Mallusk Athletic F.C. This year we sponsored the team, which is both close to our hearts and our headquarters. We went one step further than just adding our logo to their jersey though. We also sourced a jersey that was made from recycled plastic.

The Plastic Problem

You have heard us banging on this drum many times. Waste plastic is one of the biggest problems currently facing our environment.

In 1950, 1.5 million tonnes of plastic was produced globally. Jump forward to 2018 and we are putting out more than 320 million.

Each day is it estimated that almost 8 million pieces of plastic end up in our oceans. It has been estimated that if we don’t change our practices quickly, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Our War On Plastic

With these scary statistics in mind, we have been working for years (long before it became so topical) to find a different solution for waste plastic in Northern Ireland.

NOTHING we collect from clients across Northern Ireland goes directly to landfill (or the oceans). What we don’t donate to organisations such as Play Resource, we recycle or use to generate green energy.
Mallusk FC Recycled Jerseys

Mallusk Athletic F.C

This year Mallusk Athletic FC will follow in the footsteps of national football teams Brasil, Croatia, England, Nigeria, Poland and Portugal. Their new jerseys are made from waste plastic, giving this resource a new lease of life.

Our team is proud to work closely with many schools, clubs and businesses across Northern Ireland. We work closely with your teams to help achieve sustainability goals and to make the world a cleaner, greener space.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you ethically and responsibly handle your waste, get in touch.