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Halloween Recycling & Waste Facts & How You Can Go Green This Spooky Season!

Halloween is fast approaching and while we all love a bit of fancy dress and dunking for apples, there is no getting away from the fact that a LOT of waste is generated!

From the tonnes of food waste, to the mountains of cheap plastic accessories and decorations, Halloween might be a fun time for families and businesses, but it’s not great for our earth or environment.

Halloween Waste

ISL Waste Management are launching our new #MonsterFact campaign in response to the volume of  waste that occurs at this time of year. Read on for some facts on recycling, food and textile waste and some of our suggestions on enjoying a more green and responsible Halloween.

Get involved by following us on Facebook and Twitter, get involved with the #Monsterfact hashtag, sharing your own examples of going Halloween Green!

Monster Fact 1:

Around 18,000 tonnes of pumpkins are thrown away each year in the UK after Halloween. Studies have suggested that if every pumpkin carved was eaten in 2016, there would have been enough to make one bowl of soup for everyone in the country.

halloween-food-wasteWhat about turning the pulp into Roast pumpkin, pancetta and sage soup? Or how about a tasty tray of crusted pumpkin wedges? Hubbub have compiled scores of amazing recipes from acclaimed UK chefs which can help you create delicious meals and snacks, instead of wasting your Halloween fair.

If you’re not the cooking kind, make sure to compost or dispose of your pumpkins in your food waste receptacles instead of putting it in general waste bins.

Last year our client Tesco opened pumpkin waste stations where you could leave your carved creations after 31st October.

Monster Fact 2:

It is estimated that while approximately £510 million is spent on Halloween costumes each year, most are only worn once or twice before being disposed of. Hubbub claims that 7 million costumes were binned in 2016. Research suggests that adds up to around 12,000 tonnes. Textile waste is a huge problem, since 300,000 tonnes of clothes end up in landfill each year.

It’s estimated that the textile and apparel industry accounts for 10 percent of the world’s entire carbon impact.

Halloween costumes wasteSo how about, instead of buying a zombie costume, or morph suit, this year you make your own. Check out some amazing DIY costume ideas that we love and that can be created from clothes and accessories you should already have at home.

If you are disposing of old Halloween wear, don’t send it to landfill. Drop it off to your local charity shop, who can resell the items. Or if you have a large amount of textile waste, contact a local recycling company who will ensure it is reused and recycled appropriately.

Monster Fact 3:

Halloween decorations can be hard to recycle, yet more than 50% are thrown out each year. Fake spider webs, wall banners, devil horns, witch hats and plastic lamps and batteries, often end up in landfill. It could stay there for decades, buried under mountains of other waste.

Halloween DIY Green DecorationsWouldn’t it be smarter and more fun then to create your own decorations? have pulled together some inexpensive and easy ways to decorate your home or office, without resorting to disposable creations that will only end up in the dump by Christmas.

Also, less than 50% of people realise batteries are made of valuable heavy metals which can be reused; including lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc, manganese and lithium. Most people dispose of them in general waste and they end up in landfill.

Most major supermarkets now have collections points where batteries can be gathered for recycling. Check out Hubbub’s #BringBackHeavyMetal campaign for more details.

More Halloween MonsterFacts

If you’d like to hear more Halloween recycling and waste facts, or if you’d like our advice on disposing of waste of any kind, please get in touch.

If you’re a business in Northern Ireland, we offer a free waste audit service, which will help assess ways you can reduce your waste and also cut costs. Get in touch.