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How to Manage Your Overflowing Business Bins

Keep a Lid On it - Northern Ireland Litter Campaign

Driving shoppers, tourists and workers into city and town centres is the focus for many businesses across Northern Ireland. However, the eyesore of overflowing bins can be off-putting and damage the reputation and image of our streets.

Not only that, but often waste paper, plastic and packaging that spills from open bins ends up polluting our rivers and oceans. This of course causes huge environmental problems and is a threat to marine life.

Here are just a few ways we can help you #KeepALidOnIt.

Bin Position

Bin position can be key to managing your waste. Anywhere that people gather, usually litter and waste will follow. Very soon you could end up paying to have waste collected that didn’t originate from your business.

Where and how you store your bins will impact how full they get and how easily they can get emptied. Our team can help advise on placement and storage.

Monitor Bin Use

Being aware of your usage levels and patterns will help you manage your collections. Do you need an extra collection each week? Should it be on a different day? Do you need an extra recycling bin and less for general or food waste?

We can run reports that track your waste over a set period of time. This can then be used to benchmark the performance of one company or a whole portfolio of buildings.

Reporting Waste Issues

Waste problems can’t always be predicted and sometimes arise unexpectedly. If your bin needs emptied sooner than expected, or damage has made it unusable, our clients have access to an online customer profile where issues can be raised 24/7 and dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Waste Audit

Whether you are a current client of ISL Waste Management, or want to know more about how we deal with waste management and recycling, we offer a free, no obligation waste audit from which we develop the most sustainable and cost effective solution to meet your needs.

Simply fill in this contact form with your details and we will be in touch.