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Event and Festival Waste Management & Recycling

Belfast, Lisburn, Ballymena, Armagh, Newry or Enniskillen. Northern Ireland is a hive of activity with festivals and events occurring every day.

How Can ISL Waste Management Help at Your Event?

We service many events, large and small every year. From Sunflowerfest and Grand Opera House Family Festival, to the Titanic Quarter 10km Road Race, our team have provided a total waste management service for events aimed at less than one hundred people, to those which attract thousands of visitors at a time.

‘Green’ Events & Festivals

When joining as your waste management partner, we bring our passion for achieving zero waste to landfill and achieving the best recycling rates possible.

We will work with you to help encourage attendees to dispose of waste responsibly and will process everything collected in an ethical manner. We will recycle whatever possible and the remainder will be used in our Energy from Waste programme.

This enables you to divert 100% of your event waste from landfill and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Education & Awareness

As a value added service we will work with your team to develop strategies aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues and the benefits of recycling among attendees.

At previous events we have hosted workshops and talks and provided display and educational material. All of this will be backed up by our social media team, who will help disseminate the key messages online.

Contact us to learn more about how ISL can support you at your next event.

Case Study

ISL Deliver 'Far Superior' Waste Service to Mourne Seafood

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