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Case Study

Nandos Belfast Tackling Food Waste with Welcome Organisation

Nando’s, Bedford Street Belfast have become the latest business in Northern Ireland to recognise and effectively tackle the problem of food waste.

Did you know that 8.4 million people in the UK are struggling to afford to eat, while in 2015, £13 billion of food was wasted, equating to approximately 7.3 million tonnes?

The Food Waste Problem

ISL Waste Management have been working with the Nando’s Bedford Street team for twelve months.

On Friday, during one of our routine visits where we actively engage with clients, they informed us that they had 20 large tubs of rice nearing its use-by date. As such, without intervention it was destined for recycling.

nandos belfast food waste

The Charitable Solution

Our team work closely with a number of charities and food banks across Northern Ireland. On hearing about the Nando’s issue, we saw the opportunity.

Within a few hours our Customer Account Manager Danny Paton had liaised between The Welcome Organisation, a Belfast-based charity providing a range of potentially life-saving services for people affected by homelessness, and our client to find the perfect solution.

On Friday afternoon Danny visited Nando’s, collected the rice and delivered it to the Welcome Organisation. The food can now be used in their drop in centre, crisis accommodation and by their street outreach teams.

A Word of Thanks

nandos belfast food wasteDanny Paton, Customer Accounts Manager with ISL says:

“We were delighted to be able to step in and facilitate this impressive donation to The Welcome Organisation. As a business, ISL Waste Management are constantly looking for innovative solutions to save our clients’ money while also helping them to deliver on their Corporate Social Responsibilities..

“We are also committed to making one organisation’s waste a valuable resource to another, delivering tangible benefits, while solving problems in the wider community.”

Danny adds:

“We would like to thank Bernie from Nandos for reaching out to us, especially as the festive season approaches and this food will be well received and much needed.”

Are you a food based business? Can you help us, help those most in need? Get in touch and let’s work together.