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Case Study

Harris Rundle Opticians “Our equipment will be put to great use in Syria”

It’s so easy to take for granted the things we see every day.

For example, we have all walked past the Harris Rundle Opticians window in Donegall Square East, looked in the window at the beautiful range of glasses and maybe even stepped inside for a consultation.

This optometrist practice has been in Belfast for many years, serving thousands people while managing their most precious sense of sight.

To do this they regularly update their equipment and when they recently installed a new state-of-the-art system they knew they wanted their outdated, but very functional system, to go to a good home.

Alan Rundle, Managing Director of Harris Rundle Opticians asked ISL Waste Management to help him find an organisation that would have use for the £16,500 worth of equipment that could easily have been sent to a very different kind of recycling.

Alan already worked with ISL as part of the Belfast One BID’s (Business Improvement District) trade waste partnership.

Working with Belfast One, Destination Cathedral Quarter and Linen Quarter BID to create a more sustainable Belfast, the waste management company are always keen to find ways to make one organisations’ waste a valuable resource to another.

Alan Rundle, Managing Director, Harris Rundle Opticians  

Alan Rundle, Managing Director, Harris Rundle Opticians

“Corporate social responsibility is in our DNA and we chose to work with ISL because they have the same ethos and I knew they would be able to help. They reached out to Heartship, a locally based charity which sent this essential equipment to Syria,” explained Alan.

“Working with ISL has proved to be fantastically advantageous and we were so pleased when we knew that they had found a source for our redundant and out of date instruments, which we know in the third world will be put to great use.”

Alan added: “I have personal experience of this after a trip with VisionAid Overseas a few years ago, where I saw these optical instruments in use on a day to day basis.”

Danny Paton, Customer Accounts Manager with ISL said:

“We were delighted to be able to link our client Harris Rundle with a charity partner and to implement a circular economy model and circular economy thinking.”

“As a waste management firm, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions that fit with client budgets, while also delivering tangible benefits to the wider community both environmentally and economically.”

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