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Case Study

Grand Opera House “Working with ISL has resulted in a massive impact on our bottom line.”

As one of the most iconic buildings in Belfast the Grand Opera House is a beacon of culture.

From Panto to Ballet, from West End Musicals to Drama and Dance it is accessible to everyone and a tremendous asset to the City for tourists and locals alike.

However, it is not immune from the generation of waste and there are no magic tricks to conjure away everything from the thousands of glass bottles and ice cream wrappers to plastic cups and uneaten popcorn that theatre goers generate every year.

Gerard Lawlor, Head of Audience Services, explains that recently the organisation decided it needed to streamline its waste collection from three separate services into one.

“Our first consideration was quality and efficiency of service. If I’m not getting complaints from my staff then I’m happy. Second but no less important was the need to be even more cost efficient.”

“We tendered our service just as our Linen Quarter BID team were working with the other BID areas to appoint a new citywide waste contract.”

Gerard Lawlor Grand Opera House Belfast

Gerard Lawlor, House Manager, Grand Opera House Belfast

“Luckily we appointed the same company and were able to take advantage of a great deal, which has resulted in massive impact in the bottom line for us.”

“ISL Waste Management have provided a very cost-effective service that has gone a long way to recouping our investment in the Linen Quarter BID membership.”

“A clean city, efficient services and cost savings will all go to demonstrate the value of BID membership and we would encourage other members to ‘be part of it’ and help everyone to save even more!”

Find out more about Belfast’s new trade waste scheme, how you can save money on your waste and help us create a more sustainable Belfast. Complete the form below and we will contact you with more information or provide a quick quote or free waste audit.