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Belfast BIDs Trade Waste Saving Scheme

In November 2016, following an intensive tendering process, ISL Waste Management Ltd teamed with the Belfast Business Improvement District (Belfast BID) to deliver a new trade waste and recycling initiative in the city centre, the first of its kind in Northern Ireland.

In October 2018 we announced that ISL would also be teaming with Belfast’s other two BIDs, Destination Cathedral Quarter and Belfast Central Business District. Because of the group purchasing model, companies within the BID areas can save up to 30% on their waste management costs.

ISL Waste Management Wins Belfast Bid

Belfast One:

The Belfast Business Improvement District is an organisation aiming to improve the profitability and trading conditions of businesses in Belfast City Centre.

Since being formed in 2015, Belfast One has been committed to driving footfall into the city, making the district cleaner, more accessible and safer and helping to reduce bottom line/business costs through group purchasing.

Destination CQ

The Destination CQ team are striving to further develop the unique Cathedral Quarter area as a great destination for tourism, culture, creativity, innovation, and business. Enhancing the trading environment and supporting business owners through collective purchasing, advocacy, investment and stimulation of growth are just some of the key goals.

Belfast Central Business District

Belfast CBD BID was created to encourage regeneration and investment into the city’s Linen Quarter. The BID team identified seven priority projects for its first year, to include additional policing and a bespoke clean team, as well as events and marketing campaigns designed to drive footfall.

Waste Management

Each of the Belfast BIDs identified waste as an early priority. In an effort to improve the quality and cost of waste and recycling collections for businesses in the BID districts, we were asked to consider new, creative ways of providing coordinated collections and more.

Existing customers within the Belfast area are already saying great things about ISL. Clements Coffee reduced waste costs by 300% and achieved zero waste to landfill status within weeks of signing with us. Mourne Seafood Bar reduced bin costs by 50%.

Benefits to Belfast City Centre Businesses:

  • Competitive, discounted rates exclusive to Belfast BID levy-payers
  • Better quality timed service, minimising missed collections
  • Monthly reports so savings and targets can be monitored
  • Online web portal which allows customers to order and track services, view and pay bills and maintain documentation for legal compliance
  • Reliable recycling service with a commitment to achieving zero waste, by generating energy from waste
  • 6-day a week collection, increasing to 7-day a week after a certain number of businesses have signed up
  • Late night collection
  • No bin rental charges for all bins emptied at least weekly
  • No duty of care charges
  • Compliance with waste regulations, whereby all businesses are required to separate plastic, glass, paper, metals and card, along with food waste for collection
  • Reduced congestion due to a reduction in the number of waste collecting vehicles
  • A staggered sliding scale with further cost reductions as more businesses sign up
  • An alternative food waste recycling service from traditional composting and vastly more flexible and user friendly with a tolerance on packaging waste

Other BID Commercial and Food Waste Schemes

Bath BID

The Bath BID is a great example of how group purchasing can improve a city centre drastically. One waste contractor was appointed after a robust procurement process. Over 300 businesses signed up and £285,000 is now being collectively saved in annual waste collection charges. One business alone saved £4,000 on its waste and recycling.

Essential Edinburgh BID

Essential Edinburgh’s partnership with a specialist waste and recycling contractor has led to 160 businesses reducing their waste management costs by a collective £55,000, while recycling rates rose by 65%. One customer has reported a 50% reduction in their annual bill.

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