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Free Waste Management Audit in Northern Ireland



ISl Waste Management – delivering a full service waste solution

How confident are you that your company is achieving environmental responsibility, in the most efficient and cost effective manner whilst meeting all your legal obligations

Whether you are a current client, or just want to learn more about our approach to waste management and recycling, we offer a free, no obligation waste audit from which we develop the most sustainable and cost effective solution to meet your needs, under the guidelines of:

  • Reduction of waste being produced.
  • Re-use of waste.
  • Recovery and recycling of any waste removed from site.
  • Any potential value / return there may be with your waste streams.

At ISL we provide you with the right solution for your waste management.

  • Waste collection – with a 24/7 service, waste removal is arranged to suit your timetable and working week.
  • Waste management – making sure that the right waste goes to the right place for the right disposal solution.
  • Commercial recycling – whatever can be recycled will be recycled.
  • Food and organic waste – providing caddies, biodegradable bags and training on correct segregation.
  • Environmental responsibility – we will help you achieve your legal and corporate requirements for waste disposal.

Every business is unique, and we work with you to deliver the service that suits your needs and budget.

Get in touch for your free audit now – you only have your waste to lose and a lot to gain.