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Tesco reducing food waste with….green oranges!

Tesco have diversified their fruit and vegetable offering this autumn, as a way to reduce food waste.

The leading British supermarket – and ISL Waste Management client – have revealed that they will be stocking green satsumas this month, even though customers may find it unusual. The fruit will ripen and taste the same, however the skin failed to turn orange due to the hotter weather in Spain this summer. The fruit naturally grows with a green covering, however the colouring usually changes as the nights get cooler. These new green satsumas will have two days extra shelf life.


Green Orange Food Waste Tesco

Tesco bosses revealed recently that they were relaxing food quality regulations, as a way of reducing the amount of food they destroy. Their should be no decline in the taste or usability of their produce, however more ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables may make it onto shelves than before.

“At the moment green easy-peelers fall outside of the general quality specifications set by UK supermarkets but Tesco has made the leading move in order to cut down on food waste,” said Tesco’s citrus buyer, Debbie Lombaard.

green oranges food waste tesco“As a result of this move to take out a handling stage in the journey from farm to fork shoppers will gain extra freshness for their satsumas and clementines.”

Supermarkets are now investing more time and resource in reducing their food waste footprint. Asda have become very proactive in promoting and selling ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables for a reduced price. Others have been using the less aesthetically pleasing products in ready meals and pre-prepared snacks.

Sainsburys have begun educating their customers on how they can reduce food waste at home, with a new information led website.

It’s great to see these national retailers starting the #MakingWasteWonderful process.