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Tesco vows to stop wasting food fit for human consumption by March 2018

Our client, Tesco, has issued a promise to customers, vowing to eradicate the wasting of food for for human consumption within the next few months.

By March 2018, the company will no longer be throwing out any in-date, excess food items. Instead they will be teaming with charities and organisations across the UK, to find other solutions.

Tesco Lurgan

The company’s Chief Executive, Dave Lewis, told reporters that staff at all of Tesco’s 2,654 stores will be working to avoid sending unsold or surplus food products to landfill, or for use in animal feed or fertiliser.

Instead they will be working with organisations such as FareShare and Foodcloud and sending the stock to food banks, charities, hostels and community fridges.

“So long as that food is fit for human consumption, I’d much prefer it to go to people than landfill or animal feed, or fuel,” he said.

Food Waste in binResearch suggests that four times as many people used food banks across the UK last year, compared to 2012. That number is still on the rise.

Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and all other major UK supermarkets have signed a pledge to cut food waste by 20% within the next decade. However Lewis thinks most retailers could be doing more and has challenged Tesco’s competitors to follow his lead. He did however warn that it will be impossible to totally eradicate food and organic waste from supermarkets, adding: “…it will be impossible to perfectly match the supply and demand for every one of our shops, 365 days a year, when there’s so much volatility.”

ISL Waste Management are proud to work with Tesco across Northern Ireland. We are committed to helping them achieve zero waste to landfill status, like so many of our other clients.

If you operate a business in NI and would like to find out how we can help you reduce your waste, while cutting costs, please get in touch.