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Tackle NI Food Waste On Pancake Tuesday

Did you know that Pancake Tuesday is all about food waste, or more specifically about reducing it?

Shrove Tuesday, as it is also known, is a day of feasting before the fasting of Lent begins. It was originally a way for families to use up perishable items such as butter, milk and eggs, which they wouldn’t be able to consume for six long weeks.

pancake tuesday food waste

Not many people need to use up the items in the same way these days. Milk and eggs can be frozen and modern refrigeration equipment means that many food items will keep for longer than the forty day period of Lent.

Now, Pancake Tuesday can actually lead to food waste, since many people and chefs specifically buy ingredients that they wouldn’t normally consume and may not use again.

pancake Here are our top tips for reducing food waste this Shrove Tuesday:

1: Use a basic and tested pancake recipe, but be brave with your toppings. What have you got in the fridge and cupboard?

2: Don’t be too greedy. We know pancakes are a delicious treat but will anyone really eat eight? Make the amount you are likely to eat or serve. More batter can be made quickly, if needed.

3: Be careful when flipping! Pancakes on the floor won’t be eaten by anyone.

4: If you do have leftover ingredients, read these tips on how to save them safely and for longer.

5: Leftover pancake batter? Don’t throw it out, it will keep in the fridge for three days. Pancake Wednesday anyone?

Have a look at some of our favourite food waste pancake recipes here.

If you have any food waste questions drop us a line, or arrange a free consultation anywhere in the Northern Ireland area.