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A Sustainable Coffee Cup Made From Waste Coffee Husks

The problem of waste coffee husks has been a much publicised one. What happens to the material, after your favourite coffee has been ground and bagged?

In fact the whole subject of coffee can be a depressing one, when you consider that only one in four hundred takeaway cups in the UK are recycled.

huskee cup

However there have been many advances in the field and in the last year alone, we’ve reported on the new compostable pods for home machines, bras made from recycled coffee and Hubbub’s amazing Square Mile Challenge which saw over half a million disposable cups collected and recycled in London.

Now, one company has addressed the issue of waste coffee husks and invented a cup made from the by-product.

Making Waste Wonderful is something we are passionate about and HuskeeCup have done just that. They have turned rubbish into something beautiful and used the discarded material to make stylish and stunning kitchen items.

The new Huskeecup isn’t just pretty and sustainable, it’s designed to keep your coffee hotter for longer, thanks to the grooved design. It is chip and crack resistant, which makes it ideal for commercial use also.

You can purchase lids, which makes the Huskee cup work as a travel receptacle and don’t worry if you do accidentally smash it. The whole thing is recyclable.

Though the company is Australian based, they do ship to the UK and with shipping costs set at around £7, we think that’s good value.