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Stay Green at Music Festivals – 4 Top Tips

Whether you’re heading to Glastonbury in Somerset, Belsonic in Belfast, Wireless Festival in London or Download in Donington Park, we have some ideas for how you can be more environmentally aware this summer.

Hundreds of thousands of people descending on a town, city, field or farm can have a massive impact on the environment around them. Find out how you can lessen the negative effect and enjoy yourself totally, while staying on the right side of green.

waste at UK music festival

Green Travel

Do you really have to take a car? It’s been reported by Powerful Thinking that 80% of the total carbon emissions from music festivals is generated by audience travel. Getting a coach helps reduce congestion, pollution and emissions. It’s estimated that a full bus is the equivalent to 25 cars off the road. Club in, get a coach and start the festival experience that little bit earlier.

Bring Reusables

Tonnes of waste are cleared from musical festival sites each year and often, much of it is single use plastic cups and containers. Why not bring your own reusable cups, flasks and utensils? If that’s not feasible, most festivals do have recycling points. Use them.

Download introduced a deposit scheme, where you have to pay for each cup and get your cash back when it’s returned. LimeTree festival is committed to reducing plastic waste and is going plastic free for 2017. Glastonbury now pass out stainless steel drinks containers for a £5 deposit.

waste at Glastonbury festival

Revellers leave as cleanup on Glastonbury begins

Butts In Bins

Did you know that cigarette filters can take up to ten years to decompose? Most UK festivals are held in green, open spaces and butts can be difficult to clean. Bin them, using designated butt receptacles where available.

Festival Clean Up

Glastonbury organisers ask all attendees to “limit what you bring, and clean up behind you.” They reported that in 2011 11 tonnes of festival gear, including tents, sleeping bags, clothes and general rubbish was left on site when the event was over.

Isle of Wight organisers have responded to this problem and launched a ‘Love Your Tent’ initiative in which all ticket holders sign an agreement and promise to remove all gear as they leave. It works, as in 2014 not one tent or personal belonging was left behind.