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What To Do With Items You Can’t Recycle At Home Or Work

Don’t let your local recycling rules be a barrier to recycling. It’s Recycle Week 2017 from 25th September in Northern Ireland and we’re challenging you to become a waste warrior.

Although good progress has been made in Belfast, Ballymena, Armagh, Newry and beyond, still more than half of household waste currently ending up in landfill could be recycled.

Recycle Week 2017: Plastic Bottles

Understanding the facilities available to you near your home and work is the first step to better recycling.

It doesn’t need to be confusing – it’s easy to find what can and can’t be recycled in your community.

To find out what you can recycle where either visit your local council website or try where you can search by specific items or by postcode.

Recycling At Home

In Northern Ireland, recycling at home is convenient and easy. From kerbside recycling collection to local recycling centres, it’s never been simpler to do your bit. It varies from council area to area but you should have:

  • A wheelie bin for mixed recyclables like plastic, paper and cardboard
  • A wheelie bin for garden waste and food waste
  • A caddy for food waste

Ensure you are using these properly and separating waste correctly. That way more of your waste will be recycled, reused, composted etc and not end up spending decades in landfill.

Other Ways To Recycle Household Waste

Recycle Week 2017 Northern IrelandIf you have items that can’t be recycled at home, there’s still simple ways to recycle – and many of them are easier than you think. Here’s a few tips to try:

  • Supermarkets – Large supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda often offer recycling facilities both in store and in the parking lot, including bottle banks, textile recycling, plastic bag and film recycling, battery recycling and more. Check with your nearest superstore to see what they offer.
  • Bottle banks – Bottle banks make sorting and recycling glass bottles easy. They can often be found at large supermarkets and shopping centres.
  • Recycling centres – Your local community recycling centre is a great place to recycle everything from plastic to garden waste, electronics and more. Check with your council to find your nearest one.
  • Clothing recycling – Clothing that can’t be donated can be recycled and used again. Clothing recycling bins are often available at supermarkets, community recycling centres and even for home pickup through local charities

What Goes In Your Recycling Collections

Just because something has a recycle symbol on it doesn’t mean it can be recycled where you are. Help avoid contamination – once you understand where to recycle, figure out what to recycle too.

Check your council website to find information about exactly what items go in your recycling collection.

Recycling At Work

rfs-shredded-paper-finalThere are a number of ways you can optimise your waste management solution in offices, shops, restaurants and commercial properties. ISL Waste are a Zero Waste company, meaning everything we collect from clients is diverted from landfill. We send food waste to local charities, for composting and for anaerobic digestion. We send some plastic waste to Play Resource where it is used by local schools and community groups. For more details on our services and our recycling programmes, please get in touch.