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Storm Ophelia Disruption Advice For Northern Ireland Clients

Hurricane Ophelia Ireland

*UPDATE* Due to the Ophelia weather warning, we are calling all our lorries back in from 3pm and cancelling collections after this time. Normal service will resume tomorrow. Please contact us if you need any further information or help. Hurricane Ophelia A red weather warning has been issued for some areas of Northern Ireland, which… Read More

Enter the ISL Making Waste Wonderful Category At UTV Business Eye Awards

ISL Making Waste Wonderful

We all have a responsibility, both legally and morally, to reduce our waste generation but making that extra effort could also help you make significant savings in your business or organisation. The ISL sponsored UTV Business Eye Waste Reduction Project of the Year is open to every organisation to celebrate innovative and effective actions you… Read More

Waste Not Want Not: Boosting Retail Profits Through Waste

commercial waste fines

Waste is becoming a bigger issue than ever for retailers. Legislation is further reaching and the pressure is on to keep your business environmentally responsible, as well as profitable. However, the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Often sustainability is associated with expense, but this does not have to be the case. In fact many… Read More

P&G Fairy & DELL Use Waste Ocean Plastic In New Products

P&G introduce Fairy Bottles made from ocean plastic

The rise in ocean plastic and the subsequent, serious environmental effects have been covered widely in the media this year. Procter and Gamble have decided to address the issue in their newest packaging. Sky launched their Ocean Rescue campaign earlier in 2017, with a series of programmes about the scale of the plastic problem. They… Read More

ISL Waste Invites Entries for UTV Business Eye Awards 2017

UTV Business Eye Awards 2017

The UTV Business Eye Awards will be staged for their eleventh consecutive year this December and ISL Waste have signed up as a sponsor once again. We are sponsoring the ‘Waste Reduction Project Of The Year’ category, aimed at the increasing number of local companies taking active steps to reduce their commercial and industrial waste…. Read More

What To Do With Items You Can’t Recycle At Home Or Work

Recycle Week 2017: Plastic Bottles

Don’t let your local recycling rules be a barrier to recycling. It’s Recycle Week 2017 from 25th September in Northern Ireland and we’re challenging you to become a waste warrior. Although good progress has been made in Belfast, Ballymena, Armagh, Newry and beyond, still more than half of household waste currently ending up in landfill… Read More

Recycle Week 2017: Change your shopping habits to make recycling easier

Recycle Week 2017 Northern Ireland

It’s Recycle Week in Northern Ireland and we’re calling on you to do more to recycle and look at how little changes can have a big impact down the line. Shopping smart can help reduce food waste and make home recycling easier, too. The Truth About Food Waste The average household in the UK produces… Read More

Recycle Week 2017: Be A Waste Warrior For Northern Ireland!

Recycle Week 2017 Northern Ireland

Recycle Week 2017 starts on 25th September and we’re challenging you to join our team and become a waste warrior! 60% of items found in the average non-recyclable waste bin could have been recycled. It helps the environment, saves money and reduces waste too. It all adds up. If you and your team started recycling… Read More

How Ikea is Cutting Food Waste by 2020

ikea Belfast tackles food waste

ISL Waste Management work closely with Ikea in Belfast. We help them not only dispose of their waste, but assist in reducing what is produced and ensure none of what leaves the store goes to landfill. Earlier this year, the company announced that they are aiming to reduce all food waste by 50%, by 2020…. Read More

5 Commercial Recycling Tips for Facilities & Office Managers

Office Recycling Waste Bins

You are the person in charge of waste management for your company, but where do you begin? To help you understand what needs to be considered when setting up your recycling service, Barry Donaghy, Managing Director of ISL Waste Management has offered some of his top tips. 1) Size, Purpose, Location What are the main… Read More