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A Sustainable Coffee Cup Made From Waste Coffee Husks

huskee cup

The problem of waste coffee husks has been a much publicised one. What happens to the material, after your favourite coffee has been ground and bagged? In fact the whole subject of coffee can be a depressing one, when you consider that only one in four hundred takeaway cups in the UK are recycled. However… Read More

Can We Use Waste Plastic To Improve Our Roads?

Waste Plastic on UK Roads

Here at ISL Waste Management we harp on a LOT about plastic waste and the damage it is doing to our environment. It is ruining our oceans and polluting our earth, but what if we could do something useful with it instead? Aside from the normal recycling process, there are other options for old plastic… Read More

Two New Lorries Added to ISL Waste NI Fleet

ISL Waste Belfast Fleet

It’s been a big year for ISL Waste Management. We are expanding to meet continued strong demand for our waste management, recycling and food waste services. As a result, we are adding to our fleet. Because of increased business two new lorries have arrived and are on their way to our graphics company to get… Read More

Hubbub & Sainsburys’ 1st Northern Ireland Community Fridge in Cloughmills

Community fridge

Northern Ireland is about to get its first ever community fridge, courtesy of Hubbub. The national charity, which creates environmental campaigns with a difference, has teamed with Sainsburys and Bosch. The trio will be launching five community fridges in the next month. What Are Community Fridges? Community Fridges are an easy way of enabling communities… Read More

Tesco tackles plastic waste by dropping single use bags

Tesco Lurgan

Tesco, an ISL Waste Management client, have announced that from later this summer, customers will no longer be able to purchase single use bags at its checkouts. Until now, customers could choose between the more expensive yet sturdy bag for life, or a more flimsy (often throw-away) option. Although the use of these cheaper bags… Read More

How to avoid commercial waste fines in Northern Ireland

commercial waste fines

Fines for waste crimes are on the rise and the financial and environmental cost of such breaches of regulations are continuing to escalate. It’s time for businesses to approach the issue of their commercial waste more responsibly. In Northern Ireland, government bodies are taking the illegal management of rubbish and fuel more seriously than ever…. Read More

M&S Tackles Packaging Waste with Project Thin Air

M&S Packaging Waste

Marks and Spencer have come up with an inventive way to tackle packaging waste, starting with their crisps and snacks. As part of the new ‘Project Thin Air’ initiative our client is reducing the pocket of air in packets for crisps, popcorn etc. The amount of food will remain the same, however the bags will… Read More

ISL Waste to save McDonald’s Belfast City Centre £5,000

McDonalds Donegal Place Belfast

In November 2016, ISL Waste Management teamed with Belfast BID (Business Improvement District) to offer a trade waste and recycling initiative which has never before been offered in Northern Ireland. Replicating the success previously experienced by the Bath BID project (and after a very intensive tendering process) we teamed with the Belfast team to offer… Read More

How To Avoid Fatbergs & Blocked Drains

fatberg debris

Northern Ireland Water have reported that they’ve spent the last six Sundays and a large amount of public money clearing a ‘fatberg‘ which has accumulated in the drains of South Belfast. The blockage is in a sewer in the city’s Dublin Road and Northern Ireland Water confirmed that they have removed “a couple of hundred… Read More

Stay Green at Music Festivals – 4 Top Tips

waste at UK music festival

Whether you’re heading to Glastonbury in Somerset, Belsonic in Belfast, Wireless Festival in London or Download in Donington Park, we have some ideas for how you can be more environmentally aware this summer. Hundreds of thousands of people descending on a town, city, field or farm can have a massive impact on the environment around… Read More