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Costa & Iceland fight plastic waste!

iceland Plastic Free

The world is waking up to plastic and Iceland is leading the way in reducing packaging waste in the UK. The British supermarket chain ran a campaign of ads in national newspapers at the weekend, vowing to eliminate plastic from its own brand packaging within the next five years. The ad read: “Time is running… Read More

Innocent Drinks Putting Staff at Centre of New Sustainability Drive


Innocent Drinks have developed a new sustainability strategy and they’ve empowered staff to help take it forward. Keen to excite and engage their workforce, the organisation has put their team at the centre of the new drive to reduce waste, increase energy efficiency and a whole host of other green policies. For a company whose… Read More

Theresa May Introducing 5p Tax on Water Bottles to Combat Plastic Waste

Theresa May, Prime Minister UK

Theresa May has revealed that the UK government is considering introducing a 5p levy on single use plastic bottles. The issues of plastic waste and ocean pollution have been well covered by the media over the past year, with many charities and environmental organisations putting pressure on officials to take action. Speaking in January 2018, May… Read More

UK Plastic Waste Crisis is Looming

ISL Barry Donaghy Plastic Waste

The UK is facing a recycling crisis, now that China has refused to accept certain types of British plastic waste. Previously, around 25% of all plastic waste from the UK was sent to China, along with 55% of all paper destined for landfill. Around 500,000 tonnes of plastic was shipped to China each year, but… Read More

Tesco vows to stop wasting food fit for human consumption by March 2018

Tesco Lurgan

Our client, Tesco, has issued a promise to customers, vowing to eradicate the wasting of food for for human consumption within the next few months. By March 2018, the company will no longer be throwing out any in-date, excess food items. Instead they will be teaming with charities and organisations across the UK, to find… Read More

Christmas and New Year Opening Hours 2017 – ISL Waste Management Belfast


It’s been an exciting but eventful year for us at ISL and we are looking forward to welcoming in 2018. We want to sincerely thank our clients, colleagues and the local business community for their support and business over the past twelve months and to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a fantastic… Read More

Recycling rate in Northern Ireland passes England

Recycle Week 2017 Northern Ireland

Recycling in Northern Ireland has risen by just over 2% in 2016/2017, according to statistics published by Northern Ireland Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (Daera) this week. It’s been reported that household recycling rates have risen to 44%, 2.2% higher than the previous year. This means that for the first time, Northern Ireland… Read More

Tasty Foods NI donate surplus stock to local charities


Every day, perfectly good food is being sent to landfill. Every day people are going hungry. In the spirit of giving back, Tasty Foods, Belfast have donated four pallets of frozen savoury foods to charity. ISL Waste Management works closely with the Tasty Foods team to help them dispose of all business waste ethically and… Read More

8 Ways You Can Go Green This Black Friday

Black Friday Go Green

What Is Black Friday? Black Friday falls on November 24th in 2017. It is always the Friday after the American holiday Thanksgiving. It has traditionally been the busiest shopping day of the calendar year, because it marks the start of the festive season. Retailers report that the month between Black Friday and Christmas is by… Read More

ISL Fully Operational Following Fire in Self Contained Storage Facility

ISL Waste Management remains operational today and collections will happen as normal despite a fire in a self-contained storage facility adjacent to its main facility in Mallusk. Speaking as the fire was fully contained, Managing Director Barry Donaghy paid tribute to the speed and efficiency of the Fire Service and apologised to local residents for… Read More