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Making Waste Wonderful: Northern Ireland Companies achieve Zero Waste to Landfill goals

Northern Ireland businesses are more invested than ever in the principles of circular economy.

More than 95 local companies have committed to working towards zero waste, which is often the first step on the circular economy path.

A number of existing ISL Waste Management clients are participating in a ground-breaking BITCNI scheme, including Catalyst Inc, Citibank, Greiner Packaging and Norbev Ltd, and we are working with them to develop strategies which will help achieve their goals quickly and cost effectively.

Nigel Roddy of Clements Coffee meets with ISL Waste Management Belfast

From left to right: Nigel Roddy (Clements), Danny Paton & Joe McCrystal (ISL Waste Management)

Clements Coffee Shops achieved Zero Waste status within the first month of our partnership. The company went on to reduce waste costs by 300% through improved efficiencies.

Genesis Crafty are also now a Zero Waste company. They pass on food waste to local farmers who reuse it as animal feed and installed a cardboard compactor to increase packaging recycling. Damian McErlain, Operations/Technical Director, said: “Genesis Crafty is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment and is dedicated to being environmentally responsible.”

As well as being environmentally friendly, there are financial benefits for businesses who are committed to reducing waste. Tesco boss Dave Lewis recently stated that for every £1 invested in reducing food waste, companies can see up to a £14 return.

Ballymena soft drinks manufacturer Norbev announced that they have enjoyed substantial savings as a result of new Zero Waste policies and just last month Ikea, who we are also partnered with in Belfast, revealed that they sent zero waste to landfill in the UK for the first time in 2016.

Other NI Zero Waste companies include Diageo, Castle Court and Moy Park. Coca Cola HBC hope to join them by 2020.

ISL Waste are committed to Zero Waste and believe that it is achievable for every client, in every sector.


Barry Donaghy, Director of ISL Waste Management Ltd said:

“In recent years Northern Ireland businesses have been making great progress in their efforts to reduce waste sent to landfill. We believe ‘zero waste’ is achievable and we are actively working to make it happen for every client, in every sector, through the application of a sophisticated waste hierarchy making one organisations waste a valuable resource to another.”

“Zero waste to landfill is the guiding principle of our business and we have achieved significant savings and efficiencies implementing this for businesses throughout Northern Ireland.”

Michelle McIlveen, Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs recently laid out her plans to fully implement a Zero Waste strategy for Northern Ireland.

During a sitting of the NI Assembly recently, Sinn Féin MLA Cathal Moylan asked the minister to outline proposals and planned actions within her department, which will move local businesses and households to reduce the waste they are sending to landfill.

McIlveen replied saying: “My Department’s waste management strategy sets out a framework of policies and actions that contribute towards dealing with waste as effectively as possible by minimising the amount of waste we produce, for example through the carrier bag levy, increasing the amount of waste we reuse and recycle and, where that is not possible, promoting recovery ahead of the managed disposal of waste.”

City Hall Northern Ireland

The DUP politician explained that many key elements of her department’s Zero Waste Strategy have already been implemented. She discussed the “publication of the waste prevention programme in September 2014 and the introduction of the Food Waste Regulations in April 2015.”

Michelle also spoke about the new, Northern Ireland wide, Food Waste legislation which were introduced 2015. Updated regulations will come into force in April this year, affecting even more businesses.

To find out how we can help your business work towards social and environmental responsibility, get in touch today.