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Northern Ireland Businesses Tackling Plastic Pollution – List

As the war against Plastic Pollution becomes more and more widespread, we wanted to shed some light on local waste heroes.

With every passing week more Northern Ireland businesses are taking steps to reduce their plastic use and to boost recycling in their regions. Here are just a few.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like your business featured, or if you’d like to know more about how we can help you change practices, save money and land a place on this list.

Ground Espresso

Ground Espresso ReusableNI coffee chain Ground Espresso is doing its bit to encourage customer behaviour change. We use millions of single use coffee cups every year and more than 99% go to landfill, as they are notoriously difficult to recycle.

With this in mind, Ground Espresso – with branches in Belfast, Lisburn and beyond – are now offering customers a discount of 50p per hot drink if they bring or purchase a reusable cup.

The company are also trialling fully recyclable cups in a number of stores.

On another note, we are working with DS Smith Recycling and can now offer cafes, restaurants and coffee shops a solution for recycling all their used cups.

National Trust

National Trust Plastic FreeThe National Trust has announced that it will be phasing out all single use plastic from its properties and cafes, with a view to eliminating them completely by 2022. NT has already started offering free water refills to coffee shop customers and moved to reusable plant pots and trays in shops.

Bearded Candle Makers

screen-shot-2018-05-01-at-10-32-01Local candle company The Bearded Candle Makers have moved away from offering their wax melts in plastic trays. Instead they pour the wax onto reusable waxed cotton sheets (made in house), break into pieces and package in re-usable lined brown pouches.You can even bring along your own container to St George’s Market, Belfast and fill up yourself.

Sunflower Pub Belfast

sunflowerSunflower have gotten behind the ‘pass on straws’ movement and phased out the use of plastic straws in their Belfast pub. They’re now using biodegradable and paper straws in their drinks.


sunflowerfest one earthSunflowerfest, an annual music and arts festival in Northern Ireland, has put the earth at the centre of their programme for this year. They are part of the Association of Independent Festivals’ ‘Drastic on Plastic’ and ‘Last Straw’ campaigns, aiming to eliminate plastic straws on site and all single use plastic by 2021. They are also introducing a cup deposit scheme, which will eradicate disposable cups and all traders will use compostable containers and cutlery.

Made in Belfast

made in belfast ban strawsOver 500,000,000 plastic straws are produced every year. Most are used only for a matter minutes and later show up in landfill sites and even worse, in our oceans. Made In Belfast have also phased out plastic straws in all of their three restaurants. They now use compostable straws instead.