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Litter Hero Charlie gets ISL Beach Clean Bin

ISL Waste Management is delighted to offer support to five year old litter hero, Charlie Hamilton-Cooper.

For the last year the young schoolboy has travelled the length and breadth of Northern Ireland with his parents, taking part in 24 beach cleanups on the way.

Charlie Hamilton Cooper Plastic Collection

Charlie, from Crossgar, regularly collects items such as plastic bottles and crisps packets, which have become the scourge of oceans around the world. However, on occasion he has come across more worrying items including live flares and prescription drugs.

Until now, Charlie and his parents have been disposing of the litter they collect in local bins, or household receptacles. It is likely that much of what was collected ended up in landfill which is clearly less than ideal.

We were delighted to name Charlie as our Litter Hero at the recent Live Here Love Here Community Awards, in Belfast Harbour.

On that evening, we discussed with his parents some of the challenges they were facing in regards to waste.

As a result, we have provided the Hamilton-Cooper family with their own ISL Waste Management bin. Taking pride of place in their driveway, Charlie and his helpers will now be able to dispose of everything they collect from our coasts, in the knowledge that all items will be recycled or sent for energy recovery. NOTHING will end up in landfill.


The world currently uses over 300 million tonnes of plastic a year and the problem is only getting worse. One in twenty people admit to regularly littering, in fact less than half of plastic bottles in the UK are recycled after use.

Litter Heroes such as Charlie are working to create a better environment on their doorstep. They are already making a massive difference locally and as a company who have environmental responsibility at our centre, we are keen to support in any way we can.