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Lidl, M&S, Sainsburys Tackle Food Waste with Neighbourly

Lidl has become the latest supermarket chain to partner with an organisation which ensures its surplus food is not wasted.

The food retailer has signed with Neighbourly, a social network which promotes the connection of local projects with people, businesses and organisations who can help. Neighbourly builds links between local stores that have surplus food and charities that can get the food to people who need it.

Lidl tackle food waste

Lidl is working through the app to connect with charities, food banks, community cafes and soup kitchens. Through these enterprises and projects, food that would once have been sent to landfill is now being used in communities, where it is needed most.

Lidl have announced that they will have 100 stores involved in the scheme by June 2017 and are aiming to have all stores working through Neighbourly by summer 2018. The chain are also getting behind the new #FundAFridge Campaign and are donating fridges and freezers to organisations and charities, who are distributing their goods.

Marks & Spencer, Sainsburys & More

Lidl are following in the footsteps of companies such as Marks and Spencer and Sainsburys, who have undertaken similar initiatives through the innovative social platform.

Sainsburys are trialling the food waste schemes in ten of their England stores currently. Alongside this, the company have also set up over 1,100 Neighbourly partnerships, through which they aim to make a positive impact in the communities they serve.

Community Cafe Scunthorpe surplus food

Community Cafe Scunthorpe

Recently, M&S announced that they will be connecting all their UK stores to local charities. They reported:

“Through neighbourly, we can centrally monitor what products are resulting in surplus, in order to manage how this can be reduced. We’ll also be the first major retailer to provide live updates on the number of tonnes of surplus food redistributed.”

Charities, projects or organisations interested in receiving surplus food from Lidl, M&S or Sainsburys should email