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Ireland & Scotland considering ‘Latte Levy’ to cut down on disposable coffee cups

We have been waxing lyrical for years about the damage that disposable cups are doing to our environment.

The receptacles can be hard to recycle and that’s when customers and businesses even try. Often the cups are simply sent to landfill.

We have been working with organisations and businesses across the UK to develop a solution for our clients, keen to provide them with more environmentally friendly options. Now it seems the Irish government is taking notice and considering action also.

It was announced yesterday that officials in Dublin are considering implementing a tax on disposable coffee cups, a move dubbed the ‘Latte Levy’ initiative.

disposable coffee cups

Environment Minister Denis Naughten has revealed that tax, similar to the plastic bag levy, is being considered as a way to cut down on the problems caused by the nation’s growing appetite for coffee on the move. Denis revealed that in Ireland, around 2 million cups are being sent to landfill every day and the problem gets more serious by the year.

The Scottish government is considering a similar move and is also looking at schemes which would see the adoption of reusable cups and better recycling.

“These are landfills that are already bursting at the seams,” said Mr Naughten.

“International research shows that combining financial incentives, reusable alternatives and better messaging around environmental impact of single-use coffee cups all have a direct impact on consumer behaviour.”

The two governments will be working together to adopt the best solution, while UK ministers confirmed last year that they are not considering a move in the same direction. They instead are working on a litter strategy as a way of lessening the problem, however Mcnaughten believes that it is more important to address and change consumer behaviour.

If you are a restaurant, cafe or coffee shop in Northern Ireland and would like to work with ISL on reducing your carbon footprint and the amount of waste being sent to landfill, please get in touch.