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Innocent Drinks Putting Staff at Centre of New Sustainability Drive

Innocent Drinks have developed a new sustainability strategy and they’ve empowered staff to help take it forward.

Keen to excite and engage their workforce, the organisation has put their team at the centre of the new drive to reduce waste, increase energy efficiency and a whole host of other green policies.

For a company whose brand image revolves around being healthy and socially conscious, it’s more important than ever that they are seen to be addressing issues such as plastic waste, packaging waste and more. However the company are going much further than that. They’re leaving the policies and initiatives open enough, so that staff can suggest new ways to achieve responsibility and reach green targets.


“Our values are sufficiently broad, so people can interpret them in their own way,” People and Culture Director Jane Marsh, told Edie this week. She added: “‘Responsible’ covers sustainability; it can be anything from picking paper up from the floor to helping the world’s hungry through our Foundation.

“It’s all encompassed and we want people to be consistent with who they are, at home and at work. We appreciate that people adopt behaviour change at different paces and through different influences. The holistic influence of working here rubs off on everyone after a while. It would be counterproductive to enforce it in a more negative way.”

Innocent had already been working towards sustainability, before taking this change in tactic in 2016. All Innocent cartons are made from 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified card, while all bottles contain a minimum of 30% recycled plastic, and larger containers use around 50% recycled content.

Bringing staff into the game, Innocent now provide all team members with recycled stationary, reusable cutlery and schemes are in place to encourage cycling to work.

The company has a mini allotment on the roof of their building and photocopiers have become a thing of the past, in the bid to cut paper use.

Involving staff in sustainability is not a new tactic, but is becoming more popular. We work closely with Ikea in Belfast and as part of their drive to become a zero waste to landfill business, management work closely with their teams to reduce food waste, packaging waste and so much more.

If you operate a business in NI and would like to find out how we can help you reduce your waste, while cutting costs and increasing CSR activity, please get in touch.