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How to avoid commercial waste fines in Northern Ireland

Fines for waste crimes are on the rise and the financial and environmental cost of such breaches of regulations are continuing to escalate. It’s time for businesses to approach the issue of their commercial waste more responsibly.

commercial waste fines

In Northern Ireland, government bodies are taking the illegal management of rubbish and fuel more seriously than ever. Financial penalties are being enforced not only on companies producing the rubbish, but also waste companies who are not disposing of it correctly or responsibly.

The Cost Of Waste Crime

Waste crime is a serious affair. If it is not handled properly, the food, packaging and rubbish we throw away can cause serious pollution of the environment – air, land and water – and this can be harmful to health.

If your business produces waste, it’s important that you check DAERA’s list of registered waste management companies before choosing who you work with. These companies will always be able report back on how and where your waste was disposed of and treated, how much went to landfill and what percentage was recycled.

ISL Waste in Mallusk

Choosing a Waste Management Company

If you choose to work with ISL Waste Management, we can guarantee that you will remain both legally and morally compliant with your waste at all times.

Even better, we are one of the few waste management companies in NI that send NOTHING to landfill.

We send your food waste to Anaerobic Digestion plant, where it is turned to environmentally friendly fuels and fertilisers. We recycle your plastic and paper and we donate high quality food to local charities and food banks. In fact last year we worked with SOS NI to divert £500,000 worth of food marked for destruction to those in need.

Many of our clients have already achieved Zero Waste To Landfill status too and we are working daily to get more and more local restaurants, schools, offices and charities over this line.

If you are interested in addressing your waste compliance, in helping us to help others with your food waste or if you just fancy talking ‘rubbish’, please get in touch.