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5 Commercial Recycling Tips for Facilities & Office Managers

You are the person in charge of waste management for your company, but where do you begin? To help you understand what needs to be considered when setting up your recycling service, Barry Donaghy, Managing Director of ISL Waste Management has offered some of his top tips.

Office Recycling Waste Bins

1) Size, Purpose, Location

What are the main uses for your business premises? Is it a small and compact work space with desks and perhaps a small kitchen area? Is it larger, with separate dining space? Is there much paper waste generated, or are most business transactions carried out electronically? All of this needs to be considered, as different spaces, require different waste solutions.

2) How Many People?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend one recycling bin per 50 people but that depends on the layout of your office and the density of your workforce. If your office is cubicle based, then waste receptacles should be easy to access and close to work desks. If people are more spread out, then a different solution is required. If members of the public or clients are frequently moving through your space, then this will also need to be considered and bins placed where the flow of people is most heavy. Don’t forget to count outdoor spaces or eating areas.

3) What Waste Materials?

Barry Donaghy Director ISL WasteDoes your office produce a lot of paper waste? Does this need confidentially shredded and disposed of? Do you tend to gather a lot of bottles or bulky items of recyclable waste? If so, then bins will need to be larger or emptied more frequently. Does your company produce food waste? In Northern Ireland businesses who produce more than 5kg of food waste a week are legally obliged to separate and recycle the organic matter. All this must be considered when deciding on a waste management solution.

4) How and Where is Rubbish Stored?

Where do you store your waste and how much space do you have? If space is restricted and you don’t have room for many bins, you may need more frequent collections.

5) The Services Offered by Your Waste Management Company

Does your waste management company accept all your streams of waste? Do they offer financial incentives for any recyclable items? How frequently can they collect and do their collection times suit your schedule?

How responsible is the company? How do they dispose of your waste? Does it go to landfill, or are the principles of waste hierarchy applied, which means making your organisation’s waste a valuable resource to someone else?

By answering the five questions above, you should be able to assess your business’ needs and implement an efficient and effective waste management solution, on site.

ISL Waste Management offer a variety of services to food, commercial and industrial business throughout Northern Ireland. We are a zero waste to landfill company, which means ALL of your rubbish is reused or recycled. We will also work with al clients on reducing waste at source and introducing efficiencies, leading to cost savings.

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