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Costa’s Coffee Cup Recycling Scheme – Can Your Business Follow Suit?

Did you know that 99.75% of disposable cups, like the ones handed out from your local coffee shop every day, are not recycled? Most end up in landfill, many end up in the ocean and littering our beaches.

Traditionally the receptacles have proved difficult to recycle. The mix of paper and plastic in the inner lining causes problems and only a few specialist companies offer cup recycling services in the UK.

disposable coffee cups

Costa Coffee Vows to Boost Cup Recycling

Costa Coffee have announced this week that they are putting plans in place which will see them recycling 500 million cups a year, including some from other coffee chains.

The company will be encouraging waste management companies to collect and recycle their cups by paying them £70 a tonne to process.

The firm are also encouraging customers to move away from using disposable cups, where possible. By offering an incentive of 25p discount on each cold or hot drink that is purchased in a reusable cup, it is hoped that purchasing behaviours will eventually change.

Get Involved in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland we have been in talks with a number of local restaurant and cafe chains about making a similar move. Through a partnership with DS Smith Recycling, we have the ability to collect, process and send all disposable cups to Kelsey Paper Mill, where all containers will be fully recycled.

ISL is committed to diverting ALL waste from landfill. We work with clients in reducing waste streams first and foremost, before looking at increasing recycling rates.

Clements Coffee Belfast achieve zero waste to landfill with ISL Waste ManagementWe worked with Clements Cafes recently and within three weeks the company weren’t just saving 300% on their waste costs, but had also achieved Zero Waste to Landfill status.

We would love to encourage more local businesses to get involved. If you’d like to find out more, or get advice on the issue we would love you to get in touch.