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World Environment Day 2018: 5 ways you can beat ocean plastic!

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the increase of plastic pollution in our oceans, with stories of floating islands of rubbish and recently a pledge to ban plastic ‘microbeads’ found in tons of everyday products. For many of us, this can be easy to ignore, however, earlier this year a report from the World Economic Forum in Switzerland warned that in just 30 years plastic waste in our oceans could outweigh fish. We have already seen the devastation that the plastic pollution in our oceans can have on wildlife and this study only reaffirms the need to commit to recycling and reducing our consumption of plastics.

This World Environment Day, here are 5 ways you can contribute to keeping our oceans free of plastic:


1. Cut down on the bottled water

Or better yet cut it out completely! Many of us are guilty of choosing bottled over tap because we think it’s better quality. This is just not true. Reuse your bottles or buy a hard wearing reusable alternative and switch to tap. If the taste of your tap water is putting you off there are plenty of filtered water jugs and bottles you can buy that will save you money in the long run.

2. Think about the packaging

When doing the weekly shop it’s easy to just grab the nearest product, but a small difference to your shopping habits could make a huge different to the environment. When buying things like detergent opt for cardboard over plastic where possible. Cardboard is much easier to recycle than plastic and kinder to our environment.

3. Bring your own

Need that cup of coffee to get started in the morning? Instead of accumulating a mound of plastic coffee cup lids by Friday evening bring your own. Many coffee chains even offer you discount on your morning pick me up if you BYOC. It’s a win-win.

4. Buy in Bulk

Sadly at the moment, it’s difficult to completely avoid plastic packaging, so when you can’t get around it buy in bulk. Buy larger containers  or concentrated options for squash, washing liquid or cleaning products. Not only does this make sense environmentally it’s also kinder to your wallet.

5. Reuse it

Since the introduction of the 5p plastic carrier bag levy, Northern Ireland has seen a significant drop in plastic bag use. This is great news for the environment (and the cupboard under our sinks). However, it’s important that we keep this up and continue to bring our own bags to the shops with us. To avoid forgetting try keeping a tote in your handbag or make sure you have stash in your boot.

Make sure you recycle any plastic you do buy. To find out more about our plastic recycling facilities