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ISL Fully Operational Following Fire in Self Contained Storage Facility

ISL Waste Management remains operational today and collections will happen as normal despite a fire in a self-contained storage facility adjacent to its main facility in Mallusk. Speaking as the fire was fully contained, Managing Director Barry Donaghy paid tribute to the speed and efficiency of the Fire Service and apologised to local residents for… Read More

Sea Floor Litter Rises by 150% in 1 Year

Plastic waste being emptied into the ocean

We have published a number of articles this year on the issue of plastic ocean waste and the steps that companies are taking to reduce the problem. However it seems that coastal litter is still on the rise. The Department for Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) released figures yesterday showing that litter found on the… Read More

Ireland & Scotland considering ‘Latte Levy’ to cut down on disposable coffee cups

disposable coffee cups

We have been waxing lyrical for years about the damage that disposable cups are doing to our environment. The receptacles can be hard to recycle and that’s when customers and businesses even try. Often the cups are simply sent to landfill. We have been working with organisations and businesses across the UK to develop a… Read More

Ellen MacArthur Foundation announces $2m winners for ocean plastic solutions


Earlier this year, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation joined forces with Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit and launched an innovation incentive, asking companies to assist with reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans. Plastic pollution is becoming a more recognised cause, thanks partly to campaigns such as the UN Environment’s… Read More

Halloween Recycling & Waste Facts & How You Can Go Green This Spooky Season!

MonsterFact Halloween Waste Recycling

Halloween is fast approaching and while we all love a bit of fancy dress and dunking for apples, there is no getting away from the fact that a LOT of waste is generated! From the tonnes of food waste, to the mountains of cheap plastic accessories and decorations, Halloween might be a fun time for… Read More

Tesco reducing food waste with….green oranges!

Green Orange Food Waste Tesco

Tesco have diversified their fruit and vegetable offering this autumn, as a way to reduce food waste. The leading British supermarket – and ISL Waste Management client – have revealed that they will be stocking green satsumas this month, even though customers may find it unusual. The fruit will ripen and taste the same, however… Read More

Storm Ophelia Disruption Advice For Northern Ireland Clients

Hurricane Ophelia Ireland

*UPDATE* Due to the Ophelia weather warning, we are calling all our lorries back in from 3pm and cancelling collections after this time. Normal service will resume tomorrow. Please contact us if you need any further information or help. Hurricane Ophelia A red weather warning has been issued for some areas of Northern Ireland, which… Read More

Enter the ISL Making Waste Wonderful Category At UTV Business Eye Awards

ISL Making Waste Wonderful

We all have a responsibility, both legally and morally, to reduce our waste generation but making that extra effort could also help you make significant savings in your business or organisation. The ISL sponsored UTV Business Eye Waste Reduction Project of the Year is open to every organisation to celebrate innovative and effective actions you… Read More

Waste Not Want Not: Boosting Retail Profits Through Waste

commercial waste fines

Waste is becoming a bigger issue than ever for retailers. Legislation is further reaching and the pressure is on to keep your business environmentally responsible, as well as profitable. However, the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Often sustainability is associated with expense, but this does not have to be the case. In fact many… Read More

P&G Fairy & DELL Use Waste Ocean Plastic In New Products

P&G introduce Fairy Bottles made from ocean plastic

The rise in ocean plastic and the subsequent, serious environmental effects have been covered widely in the media this year. Procter and Gamble have decided to address the issue in their newest packaging. Sky launched their Ocean Rescue campaign earlier in 2017, with a series of programmes about the scale of the plastic problem. They… Read More