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Case Study

Play Resource & ISL promoting zero waste to landfill through circular economy

Play Resource and ISL Belfast promote circular economy & zero waste to landfill

Paul Rosato of Play Resource with Danny Paton, ISL Waste Management

The relationship between ISL Waste Management and Play Resource is a little different than we have with our other clients.

We don’t take waste AWAY from them – we deliver it TO them!

Sound a bit strange? Not if you know all about Play Resource!

Paul Rosato, Waste Team Supervisor at Play Resource explains where ISL fits in.

“ISL is the only waste management company we work with and they’ve been supporting us since way back in 2009.  They deliver thousands of plastic bottle tops, triggers from spray bottles and reels of sticker labels all of which are extremely popular with our members and the public.  In fact some of the bottle tops have been used by local groups to create really impressive wall murals.”

Play Resource recycles the waste materials from factories, shops, offices and warehouses through their Scrapstore in Belfast– one of the largest and most well used resource centres of its kind in the UK, working with children, young people, and community groups all over Northern Ireland to enable creativity and allow them to achieve their full potential as individuals.

Danny Paton, ISL Waste (right) and Nicola Moore, childcare supervisor at Shankill Women's Centre (left)

Danny Paton, ISL Waste (right) and Nicola Moore, childcare supervisor at Shankill Women’s Centre (left)

“This arrangement between ISL and Play Resource works brilliantly for everyone involved,” says Danny Paton, Customer Accounts Manager, ISL. “It demonstrates how effective a circular economy can be, benefiting  so many people of all ages and backgrounds, allowing us to work with our manufacturing clients in identifying and isolating suitable waste products to reduce their costs while remaining legislatively compliant by applying the waste hierarchy.”

For further information or to request a collection, please contact:

Telephone: 028 9084 4445