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Case Study

Clements Coffee Achieve Zero Waste With ISL

Clements Coffee Belfast achieve zero waste to landfill with ISL Waste Management

Nigel Roddy of Clements Coffee (left) with ISL’s Joe McCrystal (right)

clements-logoClements Coffee became contracted to ISL Waste Management in August 2016 and in their first month achieved zero waste to landfill and an impressive 300% reduction in waste management costs through improved efficiencies.

Locally owned, independent, Clements Coffee was established in 1999 and now has 14 stand alone and concession outlets across the Greater Belfast area employing around 150 people.

Nigel Roddy, Operations Manager says he is delighted with the results achieved by ISL so far.

“Before their appointment as a new supplier, ISL undertook a complete site by site audit of our waste management processes and devised a specific and tailored programme for 13 of our outlets demonstrating how we could save money and move quickly towards zero waste.

“Their understanding of our daily operations and waste management needs has allowed us to realise substantial cost savings that have made a significant impact on our bottom line.
“Just as importantly, contributing positively to our local environment is a key objective for Clements Coffee and since engaging the services of ISL we now have no general waste bins which means nothing goes to landfill.”

Nigel Roddy of Clements Coffee meets with ISL Waste Management Belfast

From left to right: Nigel Roddy (Clements), Danny Paton & Joe McCrystal (ISL Waste Management)

With 13 different sites to be serviced, the audit process to provide a bespoke, cost effective waste management solution, was complex. Joe McCrystal, Client executive explains:

“Each of the Clements Coffee sites were different with individual needs that had to be assessed for the first time. From a collection point of view, some sites were more accessible than others and this along with frequency of collection and volume of waste generated had to be factored in to provide a cohesive and easily managed programme of successful waste management.”

ISL Waste Management work in genuine partnership with each of their customers to provide a service that is head and shoulders above the competition.

In fact Clements Coffee is the first client to pilot a new on-line customer service portal set up by the company which will now be made available to their complete customer base.

Isl Belfast achieve zero food waste to landfill with Clements Coffee

“We have found ISL to be very professional and progressive in their approach to meeting our needs and we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with them on this latest development,” says Nigel.

“Currently we are using the facility across 12 outlets and are already seeing tangible benefits while sending some useful suggestions of our own to ISL, such as the ability of customers to upload photographs to the site to illustrate any issues. Although we are in the early stages of the pilot, we aim to roll it out to the managers of all outlets in the coming weeks and are eager to see the additional positive impact it will have on our business.”

For further information or to request a collection, please contact:

Telephone: 028 9084 4445