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Case Study

ISL Deliver “Far Superior” Waste Service to Mourne Seafood Bar

Mourne Seafood Bar Belfast

Excellent customer service and competitive pricing is what ISL Waste Management offered Bob McCoubrey owner of The Mourne Seafood Bar, when he became a client of the firm in August 2016.
Disillusioned with his then waste management provider, Bob was looking for a local, personal, flexible service. He explains:

ISL Waste Management Wins Belfast Bid

“When you’re running restaurants as busy as ours the last thing you need is a supplier that is providing a sub-standard service. I was getting increasingly frustrated dealing with a national company that could only offer me a call centre to deal with any issues that I had, with a very slow turnaround in fixing any problems.

“ISL offers a completely different approach,” says Bob. “I deal with individual members of staff who completely understand my business needs and offer a solution to any issue in a matter of hours.”

“Not only did the audit undertaken by ISL highlight areas where we could immediately improve on our waste segregation, they proposed and delivered a far superior bespoke collection schedule to increase the efficiency of the business.”

Mourne Seafood’s Savings With ISL

bob-mccoubrey-mourne seafoodThe majority of waste generated by Mourne Seafood is packaging – cardboard, plastic and bottles, with the small volume of food waste redirected by ISL to an organic waste digester.

“We are working with Bob and his team to provide a 60% reduction in costs – equivalent to an annual saving of around £5,000 annually,” says Danny Paton Customer Accounts Manager, ISL, “but this is just the beginning of what we see as being a long term business relationship.”
Having won the waste management contract for Belfast Improvement District (BID), ISL will provide Mourne Seafood and many other Belfast-based businesses with an intelligent waste collection system, tailored to the needs of individual organisations.

Belfast BID

Danny summarises the overall objectives and significant benefits of the service saying,
“The aim of Belfast BID (Business Improvement District) is to clean up the BT1 area making it a world class venue to go and shop, dine and socialise. Through this new contract, ISL is the only company being performance measured on a continual basis on our service which is financed through the levies paid by local businesses.

“Not only does this empower each business by giving them a voice if they were to experience any issues, but it will reduce emissions, congestion caused by a large number of refuse vehicles driving through city centre throughout the day and bring an end to the eyesore of a variety of different coloured bags and bins overfilled for days lining the streets.”

“This initiative is about more than just the price of waste collection. As more Belfast BID members sign up with ISL, not only will further cost savings will be realised through significant economies of scale, but a better co-ordinated collection with a more holistic approach which will minimise disruption to businesses, traffic, pedestrians and shoppers using the thoroughfares in the city.”

Find out more about the Belfast Improvement District and the services offered by ISL. Contact ISL if you’d like any more information or advice.