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Case Study

CDE Global save on costs & achieve zero waste with ISL

Cookstown based CDE Global began working with ISL Waste Management in 2008 when the company began to experience an unprecedented period of growth. Operations are now of such a scale that within the first three months of 2017, the business generated more than 14,500kgs of waste which was all diverted from landfill.

ISL Waste Management with CDE Global

As CDE expanded, it became obvious their existing waste disposal practices were no longer going to be manageable or controllable and had to change. ISL approached CDE at just the right time and offered to become the company’s “waste management and consultant” partner – a completely new concept to the business.

Initially, Joe McCrystal, Business Development Manager with ISL worked closely with CDE to help the business understand what needed to be undertaken in both becoming an environmentally responsible company and controlling the costs of implementing new recycling protocols.

The Waste Process

“Our first step was to conduct a series of audits to give ourselves a full understanding of the processes at CDE and as a team, to understand the challenges we would face in developing a new bespoke programme,” explained Joe.

“On completion Danny Paton, Key Account Manager with ISL worked with the team at CDE to advise on compliance issues and to share his extensive knowledge on recycling methods and reporting structures, allowing the company to measure their achievements against pre-set and agreed targets.”

Historically, CDE simply ordered skips to dispose of all waste and had no knowledge of whether any was sent to landfill or recycled. Nothing was measured or recorded so there was no way of tracing where it ended up.

ISL Waste Management with CDE Global

Cardboard Recycling

Aileen McDonnell, Environmental Officer of CDE Global explains how ISL have not only saved them money but allowed them to achieve zero waste status.

“Our biggest waste stream had always been cardboard which was “dumped” as general waste, attracting all the associated costs. Shortly after we engaged with ISL, and following their guidance and advice, we invested in a cardboard baler. The consequence has been to remove this particular waste from the general waste and is now picked up by ISL at
no cost
to CDE Global. An added benefit has been the reduction in valuable space taken up with loose cardboard.”

“We also segregate our other waste including plastic wrap that is collected in dedicated euro bins that are cheaper to collect and process than general waste bins, further reducing our costs. Over 95% of all of our waste is now recycled with a small fraction of residual waste diverted from landfill to generate power.”

Let ISL help your business become more efficient, more environmentally responsible and more profitable. Contact us for a free waste consultation.